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Many people have asked me to explain what triggered our decision to travel to Sri Lanka and the Maldives. The most straight-forward answer is that we were invited by our friends, Ibrahim and Fatima Faizal, to tag along on their trip to visit their friends and family. To more fully understand our reasons for this trip we need to look back in time.

As a result of my career, I have had the opportunity to travel to Jamaica, Singapore, the Philippines, India, Germany, the U.K. and through-out Canada and the United States. I feel that this opportunity to travel has been a tremendously beneficial experience that has given me a different perspective on my life and on what I should value in my life. The primary reason for this trip is to give my wife and children a similar opportunity to explore the world and a chance to experience culture, lifestyle, opinions and ideas that are not found in our local community.

A second but equally important reason for this trip is because of the strong friendship that has developed between our family and the Faizal family. When I first received an e-mail from Ibrahim in June of 2005, I had no idea where the Maldives was even located on a map. As we got to know Ibrahim and his family we learned more about this region of the world, its rich history, unique culture as well as the amazing scenery. Every story we were told about the Maldives made us all the more determined to visit there someday.