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Dr. Mohamed Waheed

Not every visitor to the Maldives will have the opportunity to meet the Vice-President which is unfortunate because it is a very interesting experience. Dr. Mohamed Waheed is the first Maldivian to be elected to the position of Vice-President because before October of 2008 it was an appointed position. This is just the first […]

Madelyn’s Big Catch

Madelyn caught one of the mid-sized red snapper fish in this basket. Rifqa was lucky enough to catch three fish including this Grouper swimming in the tank.

Night Fishing

Last night we had the opportunity to take part in a night fishing excursion as guests of the resort owners. We left the dock at about 5:30pm so we could be over a carefully selected portion of the reef by sunset. We traveled in a traditional Maldivian fishing boat called a Dhoni. The scenery […]


Relaxation is the name of the game. Today we stepped into the Sun Spa. The brochure claimed, ” from the moment you enter our Sun Spa sanctuary you will feel the peace and harmony emanating from within…” This claim was actually an understatement! The spa is an open air oasis with covered roofs, waterways […]


We are staying at the unbelievably beautiful Olhuveli Beach and Spa Resort. Many pictures and stories will follow as we tell you about the fabulous facilities. The staff are amazing and very dedicated to ensuring every comfort. The food has been so delicious with three daily buffet meals that offer many choices plus two […]

Update from Male, Maldives

Maldives Tourism Video

Here is a short promotional video provided by the Maldives Tourist Promotion Board (MTPB)

Miramichi to Male 2009

Miramichi (47°00’28″N 65°26’57″W) Halifax (44°52’51″N 63°30’31″W) 280 km Halifax (44°52’51″N 63°30’31″W) Toronto (43°40’38″N 79°37’50″W) 1292 km Toronto (43°40’38″N 79°37’50″W) Frankfurt (50°01’35″N 08°32’35″E) 6361 km Frankfurt (50°01’35″N 08°32’35″E) Colombo (07°10’51″N 79°53’03″E) 8070 km Colombo (07°10’51″N 79°53’03″E) Male (04°11’31″N 73°31’45″E) 778 km Total: 16780 km